Islands in the Stream - Vol 1

32” high * 48” wide

“Islands” extends the exploration in the later Pangea work, with increased focus on profile, (the islands are lifted off the epoxy base, and epoxy color and texture blending.

The overall effect is meany to simulate islands in the middle of a swirling.

Lichtenburg Burning, Sande Veneer, Epoxy.

The Break-up of Pangea - Vol 4

29.25” high * 36” wide

The Breakup of Pangea series extended into new materials, with Walnut Veneer set against Copper.

I came back to this work to add Patina to the copper, finally finishing the work after a year or so.

Lichtenburg Burning, Walnut Veneer, Copper.

The Explosion - Volume 1

The Explosion is another expression of the blown fractal burning concept, radiating out from the focal point. It is fractally burned Sande wood on an aluminum base with a grey/blue epoxy infill.

The piece is 48” by 36”, click on the image to see a larger image

The Bay - Volume 1

The Bay is my first multi perspective piece, from a distance it is an imaginary bay from a great height, up close it is much more tactile and smaller scale. Using a more complex blend of materials than I have used before with factally burnt wood, white sand, blended colors of epoxy and small sea shells from Morro Bay in California.

The piece is 48” by 32”, click on the image to see a larger image