Mechanization & Nature - Vol 1

48” high * 24” wide

Watch cogs juxtaposed with the natural structure of wood. Representing the fracturing of nature by mechanization.

Lichtenburg Burning, Oak Veneer, Watch Cogs

SOLD at the Beverly Hills Art Show, May 2019

Cogs Customer.jpg

Wood Calving - Vol 1

36” high * 48” wide

Replicating the breakup of a glacier as it enters the ocean with the ice fragmenting as it moves away of the shore.

Lichtenburg Burning, Oak Veneer on Aluminum and colored epoxy.

SOLD at the Beverly Hills Art Show, May 2019


IMG_20190705_162215 (2).jpg

The Break-up of Pangea - Vol 6

30.5” high * 60” wide

The Breakup of Pangea - Vol 6 extends the use of epoxy and dye in its development, and expands the concept in size.

Lichtenburg Burning, Sande Veneer, Epoxy and Dye.

Now hanging in the boardroom of T-Cure Bioscience in Sherman Oaks, California (see image with Gang Zeng, Founder and President of T-Cure, and a repeat customer)

River of Silver.JPG

River of Silver

48” high *36” wide

Kevin often uses the natural flow of the wood grain in developing pieces, looking for the natural art in the wood, then augmenting it, here the natural trasition from heartwood to sapwood has been emphasized by the Lichtenburg burning and use of aluminum

Lichtenburg Burning, Oak Veneer Ply, Aluminum.

SOLD at the Beverly Hills Art Show, May 2019

The Breakup of Pangea Vol 1.JPG

The Break-up of Pangea-Vol 1

26” high *26” wide * 1” deep

The Breakup of Pangea - Vol 1. The initial journey in to a new art form mixing Lichtenburg burning with other materials to produce calming art.

Lichtenburg Burning, Sande Veneer, Aluminum.

Sold to a private collector in Los Angeles, 2018

The Beak-up of Pangea - Vol 5

30” high * 18” wide

The Breakup of Pangea series extended into new materials, with Walnut Veneer set against Stainless Steel.

Lichtenburg Burning, Walnut Veneer, Stainless Steel.

Now hanging in a 17th Century English Barn conversion.

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